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2012 In Review (Once And For All!) On The Charts: Adele Does It Again

2012 In Review (Once And For All!) On The Charts: Adele Does It Again

The Billboard charts wrapping up 2012 have been released, and the big winners were Adele and Taylor Swift. Find out who else ranked amongst the year’s top sellers-and find out who flopped, as well.

bLISTerd Presents: The 100 Best Albums of the Eighties (100-91)

bLISTerd Presents: The 100 Best Albums of the Eighties (100-91)

It’s Lionel Richie! Guess what? He helps kick off our list of the 100 best albums of the Eighties. Click to find out who else made the list!

Spin Cycle: Lionel Richie's "Tuskegee"

Spin Cycle: Lionel Richie’s “Tuskegee”

Lionel Richie goes all-the-way-country on his new album, “Tuskegee.” Does it make the grade?

New Release Report 3/26/12: The Return of Madge

New Release Report 3/26/12: The Return of Madge

It’s Madonna time, and the biggest female artist in the world isn’t the only person with a new album out today. Check out our list of this week’s biggest album releases!

The Viewfinder: Lionel Richie (and Shania Twain) Reprise “Endless Love”

An album of Lionel Richie covering his song with a gaggle of country artists might be a little on the lazy side, but from a marketing standpoint, it’s an excellent idea…and something Lionel should have done ten years ago. Better late than never, I suppose. Lionel’s southern roots lend themselves well to country…I mean, how much more ‘Bama can you get than Tuskegee, right? Of course, Lionel’s dipped his pinky toe in that genre many times over the years. From [...]

2011 American Music Awards Live Blog

2011 American Music Awards Live Blog

Make sure you check in at 8 PM tonight for our American Music Awards live blog!

Chart Stalker 7/28/11: Rolling in the Deep…Back to 1981

This week’s album chart is more or less another snoozer. Adele slides back into the top spot with 21, moving 77,000 units in a slow release week. Four albums debut in the Top 10: the 20th installment of the Kidz Bop series starts at #2, veteran rock at 3 Doors Down (appropriately) starts at #3, hip-hop kingpin DJ Khaled starts at #5, and stoner-rock legends 311 enter at #7. The biggest news on this week’s chart comes not from this [...]

Blerd Radio Episode 7: My Summer Vacation

After it became apparent that summer was going to very quickly get away from me, I decided to table the podcast for a couple of months. However, those of you who were enjoying Blerd Radio, guess what? We’re back!! For our Season 2 premiere, I called on my regulars: GG and Car-late-a Carletta for what turned out to be a quite entertaining show. Among the topics discussed: -While waiting for Carletta to show up, GG and I discuss our summers, the return [...]

Shoulda Been a Hit: Lionel Richie’s “Ordinary Girl”

When all is said and done, it’ll be really sad if people only remember Lionel Richie by virtue of (in order of embarrassment): *”We Are the World 2010″ *Getting the tar beat out of him by his ex-wife Brenda back in the mid-Eighties *being Nicole Richie’s father (although Nicole has done a great job disassociating herself from the whole Paris Hilton network). Fact of the matter is, Lionel Brockman Richie has been writing and performing great songs for forty years [...]

Smoothed-Out Sundays: "Easy"

Generally, people think of Lionel Richie as the purveyor of a different kind of smooth…the kind that veers dangerously close to “oily”. 1977′s “Easy” comes from a time when Richie (and the Commodores, the group he was a co-lead singer, pianist and saxophonist for) had not yet crossed over into Lite-FM territory (with songs like “Three Times a Lady” and “Oh No”). It’s mellow, but it’s still funky. It’s got a killer guitar solo, a melody that’s singable without being [...]

"We Are the World 25": What Were They Thinking?

25 years ago, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones created “We Are the World”. This song was written and performed to provide relief to famine-stricken Ethiopians. They assembled a group of 45 artists-most of whom were undeniable legends (Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Paul Simon, Tina Turner…even Steve Perry, Kenny Loggins and Hall & Oates), and people worldwide opened their hearts and wallets to donate to the cause. “We Are the World” became a #1 smash [...]