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New Release Report 9/3/13

New Release Report 9/3/13

Nine Inch Nails and John Legend lead off a very busy new release week.

Vista Chino, Peace: Album Review

Vista Chino, Peace: Album Review

This is the album everyone will be talking about this fall. The first recorded work from Kyuss Lives (Now known as Vista Chino) is an undeniable return to the desert sound they helped create and then pioneer with a modern touch. Taking cues from …And The Circus Leaves Town and heading full force into Blues For The Red Sun territory at times, Peace stands on its own as a triumph to the legacy of Kyuss. Speaking of Blues…, listening to […]

Vista Chino, "Barcelonian": The Singles Bar Review

Vista Chino, “Barcelonian”: The Singles Bar Review

Given the recent legal issues between the band that is now known as Vista Chino and Josh Homme, is it an insult to describe VC’s latest song, “Barcelonian”,  off their upcoming Peace album as sounding like Queens of the Stone Age? Because it does. It’s that pure QOTSA that shared a split with Kyuss before their debut full-length. Comparisons aside, though, it’s awesome. Bruno Fevery definitely holds his own and it’s nice to see the young guitarist really let loose […]

Vista Chino, "Dargona Dragona": The Singles Bar Review

Vista Chino, “Dargona Dragona”: The Singles Bar Review

It’s not Kyuss 2.0 and it’s not Queens of the Stone Age. Vista Chino is something…else. On “Dargona Dragona”, the first single off the highly anticipated full-length due in the fall, Vista Chino channel that post …And The Circus Leaves Town magic to forge their own path. It’s John Garcia singing with a fuzzed out guitar line by newcomer Bruno Fevery and Brant Bjork laying down a solid foundation so of course it’s going to sound like that other band […]

Metal Monday Volume 34 (9.5.11)

Every song on MonstrO’s debut is a deeply layered opus. From the opening wail of “Fantasma” through the gentle chord fade out of 8-minute closer “April”, MonstrO deliver a solid album comprised of seasoned veterans who’ve been through the motions before and have the musical chemistry to guarantee staying power. Look at the line-up: There’s ex-Torche axemaster Juan Montoya, ex-Bloodsimple members Kyle Sanders on bass and Bevan Davies on drums along with vocalist/guitarist Charlie Suarez. Then you have their first album (available […]