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Given the recent legal issues between the band that is now known as Vista Chino and Josh Homme, is it an insult to describe VC’s latest song, “Barcelonian”,  off their upcoming Peace album as sounding like Queens of the Stone Age? Because it does. It’s that pure QOTSA that shared a split with Kyuss before their debut full-length. Comparisons aside, though, it’s awesome.

Bruno Fevery definitely holds his own and it’s nice to see the young guitarist really let loose on a non-Kyuss song finally while John Garcia retains his trademark howl and Brant Bjork lays down some solid beats. You can head over to Stereogum to read a kick ass interview with Brant Bjork and hear the song.

Peace is out through Napalm Records on September 3rd. Some sweet pre-order packages are available here.





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