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vista-chinoIt’s not Kyuss 2.0 and it’s not Queens of the Stone Age. Vista Chino is something…else. On “Dargona Dragona”, the first single off the highly anticipated full-length due in the fall, Vista Chino channel that post …And The Circus Leaves Town magic to forge their own path. It’s John Garcia singing with a fuzzed out guitar line by newcomer Bruno Fevery and Brant Bjork laying down a solid foundation so of course it’s going to sound like that other band only it doesn’t. It’s not Unida either or Fu Manchu or any other Kyuss offshoot that’s happened along the way. The beautiful thing about Vista Chino is how familiar their sound may be yet how original they end up sounding. “Dargona Dragona” is a testament to that as I’m sure the upcoming full-length will be as well. Saty tuned. Good things are a coming.

“Like” Vista Chino on Facebook to hear “Dargona Dragona”. Full-length is due in the fall through Napalm Records.



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