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Popblerd's New Release Report 6/18/13

Popblerd’s New Release Report 6/18/13

Kanye’s not the only big-name hip hopper with an album out today.

Fantasia, Side Effects of You: Album Review

Fantasia, Side Effects of You: Album Review

One of the most dependable R&B singers in the game returns.

Destiny's Child Goes "Nuclear" On First Song In Almost A Decade

Destiny’s Child Goes “Nuclear” On First Song In Almost A Decade

Kelly, Beyonce and Michelle are back with new music for the first time in nine years! Check out “Nuclear.”

New Release Report 10/18/11: Get Ready To Condensate with Shelby Lynne, Patrick Stump and The Time!

Hello, late October. What do you have for me? Yet another tantalizing sea of new releases? Well, I don’t mind if I do. Shelby Lynne released her most recent album, Tears, Lies & Alibis only a year and a half ago. So what is she doing coming back so quickly? Hell if I know, but if her recent track record is any indication, the Grammy-winner’s new album, Revelation Road (her twelfth!) will be pretty damn awesome. Fall Out Boy’s Patrick […]

Chart Stalker 8/3/11: Who is Eric Church?

Simple answer: he’s the guy with the #1 album in the country right now. The North Carolina-bred country singer has scored two top 10 albums prior to the release of his latest album, Chief. Talk about truth in titles, Church finds himself the chief of the charts right now, moving 145,000 units and topping the country list as well as the overall Billboard 200. His previous album, Carolina, benefits from the release of the new album as well. The album […]

Spin Cycle: Kelly Rowland’s “Here I Am”

I root for Kelly Rowland hard. She’s gorgeous as I don’t know what, blessed with a fantastic singing voice, and has an affable girl-next-door quality that’s somewhat reminiscent of Janet Jackson in her late teens and early twenties. Unfortunately, Kelly has had to play second fiddle to you-know-who for her entire career (hint: she’s married to Jay-Z and her name rhymes with “Fiance”). It’s one of those “lucky-but-unlucky” scenarios that tends to occur with refugees from singing groups/bands that have […]

New Release Report 7/26/11: R&B Overload…and Rabbits

It’s got to be tough living in someone’s shadow, especially when you’ve got talent of your own. Kelly Rowland has spent the last fifteen years (for better or for worse) being perceived as “the other chick in Destiny’s Child”. That does her kind of a disservice-seeing as a) she’s fine as hell (prettier than Beyonce, IMHO) and she’s got a pretty voice, even if the material she’s given is often terrible. Her solo career has really never gotten off the […]

Award Show Sundays Special: The 2011 BET Awards Live Blog

It’s been a minute since we live-blogged an awards show around these parts. I gave some consideration to doing some commentary on the Billboard Music Awards, but got pulled into another direction-a move that turned out to be a wise one (since all of the clips I saw from the show and all of the commentary I saw on social media was lukewarm.) I have a love-hate relationship with the BET Awards (to say nothing of my largely HATE relationship […]

The Viewfinder: Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation”

Poor Kelly Rowland. It can’t be fun being the second banana. Everything she does from here on to eternity will be prefaced or succeeded by a mention of Beyonce. Period. Never gonna change, unless something absolutely miraculous happens. It’s not fair-after all Kelly is a gifted vocalist in her own right and I’d argue that she’s more of a babe than Bee is (at least if you don’t subscribe to the typical American ideal of beauty), but as far as […]