Poor Kelly Rowland. It can’t be fun being the second banana. Everything she does from here on to eternity will be prefaced or succeeded by a mention of Beyonce. Period. Never gonna change, unless something absolutely miraculous happens. It’s not fair-after all Kelly is a gifted vocalist in her own right and I’d argue that she’s more of a babe than Bee is (at least if you don’t subscribe to the typical American ideal of beauty), but as far as musicianship goes…

Neither of her solo efforts has done extraordinarily well. Last year, after the modest success of her David Guetta collaboration “When Love Takes Over”, it looked like Kelly had a future as a dance diva, but that didn’t exactly take over either. So-still looking for a hit to establish herself, she collaborates with Lil Wayne and goes the extra-sexual route with “Motivation”.

The problem now is: that shit is just too generic. The song could be a Keri Hilson track for crying out loud. There’s nothing that screams “Kelly Rowland” at you. It didn’t help to have the most overexposed emcee of all time on the track donating a substandard verse. I can’t even say that the song is phenomenally crappy-it’s just generic, and so is the video. See it for yourself.

I’m assuming that an album is gonna follow at some point, but being that a Rowland album has been in the works and threatened for release for the past two years, I’m not gonna fuck with y’all and even presume that there’s a release date.

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