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Didn’t think Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle were gonna come back? Well, you’re wrong.

The Pharrell-produced “Nuclear,” their first studio recording together in nine years, appears as the sole new track on their Love Songs compilation, which gets released on Tuesday, 1/29.

The song’s fairly understated (which is somewhat uncommon when it comes to anything Beyonce does musically) and has a cool retro-’90s vibe to it. I’ve seen some people online mentioning Soul II Soul, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that drum loop on a Massive Attack song…or several Massive Attack songs, actually.

I like the fact that it’s mellow and un-showy, but then again, it is an album of Love Songs, right?

You’ll also wanna catch Bey, Kelly and Michelle doing their thing on the Super Bowl Halftime show Sunday 2/3.

Destiny’s Child Love Songs track listing:

1) Cater 2 U (2004 – Destiny Fulfilled)

2) Killing Time (1998 – Destiny’s Child)

3) Second Nature (1998 – Destiny’s Child)

4) Heaven (2002 – Simply Deep)

5) Now That She’s Gone (1999 – The Writing’s On The Wall)

6) Brown Eyes (2001 – Survivor)

7) If (2004 – Destiny Fulfilled)

8) Emotion (2001 – Survivor)

9) If You Leave (featuring Next) (1999 – The Writing’s On The Wall)

10) T­-Shirt (2004 – Destiny Fulfilled)

11) Temptation (1999 – The Writing’s On The Wall)

12) Say My Name (Timbaland remix) (2002 – This Is The Remix)

13) Love (2004 – Destiny Fulfilled)

14) Nuclear (2013 – Destiny’s Child – Love Songs)

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