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Killswitch Engage, Disarm The Descent: The Spin Cycle Review

The comeback album of the year is here and a sure contender for the top metal album of 2013 as well. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re already aware that MA metallers Killswitch Engage not only have a new album on the horizon but have reunited with original vocalist Jesse Leach. The resulting full-length, Disarm the Descent, is one pissed-off brutal masterpiece of a metal record. Somewhat jarring at first, “The Hell In Me” doesn’t even sound like […]

Mike D'Antonio of Killswitch Engage: The Popblerd Interview!

Mike D’Antonio of Killswitch Engage: The Popblerd Interview!

With the latest Killswitch Engage album, Disarm The Descent, finally available for public consumption bassist and unofficial art director Mike D spoke with Popblerd via phone recently about the new record and the return of original vocalist Jesse Leach along with what makes fellow MA metallers Acaro so great and what’s next for Overcast and Death Ray Vision. Read on for more:   It’s been four years since the self-titled was released and there have obviously been some big changes […]

Killswitch Engage, "In Due Time": The Viewfinder Review

Killswitch Engage, “In Due Time”: The Viewfinder Review

Killswitch Engage release the official video for the Leach fronted comeback single “In Due Time.”

Metal Monday Volume 108 (2.4.13)

Metal Monday Volume 108 (2.4.13)

Make no mistake, Jesse Leach is back. “In Due Time”, the first single off of one of the most anticipated metal releases of 2013, sees Killswitch Engage re-engage with their original singer without skipping a beat. It’s fast and it’s heavy and it’s everything you’d expect and more from the reinvigorated KSE line-up. Leach sounds brilliant and the positivity that he brings back to the lyrics after the oh so dark self-titled record is refreshing. Elsewhere, Adam D and Joel […]

Metal Monday Volume 104 (1.7.13)

Metal Monday Volume 104 (1.7.13)

As I officially kick off my 2013 concert going year with Quicksand tonight, it’s time to investigate what is sure to be a killer year of heavy releases. Also, if you’ve been following Metal Monday since its’ inception or just happened upon us recently, thanks for reading as we hit two years on Popblerd with today’s post. Here’s to many more! 1. Killswitch Engage: Disarm The Descent (April 2nd) The reunion of Jesse Leach and Adam D on 2011’s masterpiece […]

Metal Monday Volume 67 (4.23.12)

If you were one of the lucky ones who held a ticket to the sold out final night of The 14th Annual New England Metal and Hardcore Festival on Sunday, April 22nd and stayed through to the bitter end then you witnessed something that the rest of the metal community will be envious of for a lifetime. I am, of course, talking about the reunion of Killswitch Engage with original singer Jesse Leach and their triumphant headlining set at the […]

The Blerd13 (lite)…with Mike D of Killswitch Engage!

The 14th Annual New England Metal and Hardcore Fest is almost upon us and with it a plethora of National as well as local acts will be descending upon Worcester, MA. One such local act is a little band called Killswitch Engage who will not only be headlining the final night of the Fest but also be debuting their new lead singer to the collected masses. Or is that old lead singer? After KSE and vocalist Howard Jones parted ways last year, the resulting vocalist search lead back to none other […]

Metal Monday Volume 48 (12.12.11)

I cannot get over how far The Empire Shall Fall have come in such a short time. their debut, Awaken, is good. Really Good. Volume I: Solar Plexus (The first of a planned trilogy of EP’s that will eventually be collected into an album with some extras) takes all of that energy and emotion found on Awaken as well as all of the influences of Jesse Leach’s previous bands, throws it in a blender, and creates a sound that is both reminiscent yet unique. […]

Metal Monday Volume 47 (12.5.11)

Metal Monday Volume 47 (12.5.11)

The second half of Jesse’s Top 11 metal albums of 2011 is in. Will Haven has one of the albums featured–see what else made the cut.

Metal Monday Volume 7 (2.28.11)

Just my luck that the bands possible for two of my favorite metal albums of 2011 would be sharing a bill together. That was the case on Sunday night at The Paradise when Motherboar opened up a 4-band bill headlined by Times of Grace . I’ve heard Mastodon do Crack the Skye in its entirety twice live now. I’ve seen Clutch do their self-titled album live. Now I can add Motherboar playing The Beast Becomes The Servant to that list. And they do belong there. Opening […]

Metal Monday Volume 1 (1.17.11)

Welcome to the first Metal Monday. I have grand plans for this space. Maybe in the coming weeks and months we’ll showcase some new music (Devin Townsend, Crowbar), present some underground acts (A Pale Horse Named Death, Spylacopa), and perhaps turn you on to some hidden gems of mine (Therapy?, earthtone9). Regardless, it’s all gonna be heavy so strap in.   I didn’t really get into Killswitch Engage until almost a year after their second record, Alive or Just Breathing, […]