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KsEDTDCoverThe comeback album of the year is here and a sure contender for the top metal album of 2013 as well. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re already aware that MA metallers Killswitch Engage not only have a new album on the horizon but have reunited with original vocalist Jesse Leach. The resulting full-length, Disarm the Descent, is one pissed-off brutal masterpiece of a metal record.

Somewhat jarring at first, “The Hell In Me” doesn’t even sound like Killswitch Engage. It’s angry in a way that the band hasn’t been in, well, never. Guitarists Adam Dutkiwiecz and Joel Stroetzel absolutely shred while drummer Justin Foley metamorphosizes into Gene Hoglan and delivers an opening percussive barrage like no other he’s done before (Until further into Disarm… that is). Amidst the sonic maelstrom comes Leach with a scream that’s instantaneously familiar and undoubtedly furious. “Beyond The Flames” follows next and sounds like modern KSE with Leach heaping on the melody but could easily have fit in on Alive Or Just Breathing. It’s not until “The New Awakening”, though, that fans waiting for this album truly get a feel for Killswitch Engage in 2013. The song is the sound of a band completely in synch and renewed featuring a great sing-a-long breakdown that’s sure to be a crowd favorite.

This is the album that Killswitch Engage needed to make right now. It’s fast, heavy, and aggressive with that Leach fueled air of positivity lingering above it all once again. Even on the more insane moments (Foley’s blast beats on “No Call In Sight” and “The Call”, the heavy beyond heavy Mike D-penned “All We Have”, or Adam D’s deadly background vox throughout), Leach tempers each track with equal parts aggression and emotion and displays how ten years have definitely benefited the now seasoned vocalist.

With stints fronting Seemless and the still active The Empire Shall Fall, Leach has honed his craft to become one of the best vocalists in modern music. That experience especially shows on the Seemless-esque “You Don’t Bleed For Me” or the slow burn of “Always” which has a Mike D’Antonio bass line that echoes AOJB closer “Rise Inside”.

This isn’t just a reinvigorated Killswitch Engage, this is a Killswitch reborn! Disarm The Descent is out through Roadrunner Records on April 2nd. Buy your very own copy right here.

Grade: A+

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