Just my luck that the bands possible for two of my favorite metal albums of 2011 would be sharing a bill together. That was the case on Sunday night at The Paradise when Motherboar opened up a 4-band bill headlined by Times of Grace.

I’ve heard Mastodon do Crack the Skye in its entirety twice live now. I’ve seen Clutch do their self-titled album live. Now I can add Motherboar playing The Beast Becomes The Servant to that list. And they do belong there.

Opening with “Croctosquatch” and then pile-driving the audience with “Noose Of Fire” before diving headfirst into the rest of The Beast…, Boston’s Motherboar started out the evening right as vocalist Kenny Irwin took command with his Pabst-can covered mic. If you already love the album but haven’t seen Motherboar live yet, you’re missing out.  Songs like “Zombie Vomit” and the whole of the Underwater trilogy have an entire new intensity when being spewed forth on stage.

Their next show’s on March 19th at P.A.’s Lounge in Somerville. Don’t miss out.

Unfortunately, the next 2 hours are a blur. Between the Paradise Lounge’s exquisite Buffalo Sliders and a few Corona’s, I must’ve missed in-betweeners Straight Line Stitch and War of Ages. Oops!



It’s fitting that a band whose members started Killswitch Engage almost 12 years ago in Massachusetts would choose to end their first national tour with new band Times of Grace in Boston.  If you went to the show expecting Killswitch covers or Adam D’s typical stage antics then you must’ve been truly disappointed.  For the rest of us, we were treated to almost the entirety of The Hymn of a Broken Man with a phenomenal live line up.

Along with vocalist Jesse Leach and guitarist Adam D, TOG was rounded out with some familiar faces especially in second guitarist Joel Stroetzel whom fans might recognize from KSE. Former Envy on the Coast drummer Dan Gluszak bashed away furiously and bassist Daniel Struble (Formerly of Five Pointe O, a favorite of mine. This band ruled!!!) laid solid lines while providing some aggressive back-up vox.



Beginning with the ferocious march of “Strength in Numbers“, Jesse and Adam D. shared the heaviness and emotion of TOG’s debut The Hymn of a Broken Man with a packed Paradise crowd and didn’t let up until the final chords of “Where The Spirit Leads me”. In between, fans were treated to some stunning renditions of “Until The End of Days”, “Live In Love” and the brooding “The End of Eternity”.

Jesse Leach has shined for years as a frontman so it was no surprise that he immediately captivated the audience with his presence. The stand-out of the night, though, had to be guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz. The Hymn… is essentially his baby and it was evident on Sunday as his KSE theatrics were gone, replaced with a serious axe wielder and co-vocalist.

Because of the circumstances regarding the genesis of The Hymn… and the band members other projects (KSE, The Empire Shall Fall) who knows if there will ever be a sophomore release from Times or another show for that matter. If this album and this tour were it, then I’m happy for the experience.

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