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a1464415728_2Antlered Man go heavy metal on their latest, “GDZ”, the first single off the upcoming The Devil Is Them! full-length due on October 14th. It’s sinisterly delicious but a decidedly different band than the one that put out Giftes 1&2 last year. But that’s okay! If you were a fan of Giftes 1&2 or of Antlered Man then you know that the band refues to be defined by any one sound so while “GDZ” might be a heavier number, who know what the track that follows on The Devil… will sound like.

For now, enjoy a little taste of the upcoming album which sees vocalist Damo Ezekiel-Holmes channel Bruce Dickinson at times.

You can grab a copy of “GDZ” below. The Devil Is Them! is out on October 14th through New Heavy Sounds.




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