Rivals II finaleWe’ve been following MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals II very closely. Before the season started, we previewed the show and gave you Cooke and Cara Maria and Jemmeye and Camila as sleepers. Guess what? They’re still there! Also, our best shots for winning the entire thing are still there as well. Frank is doing his thing, though Johnny Bananas might be getting old right in front of our eyes. And Emily and Paula look way strong.

We also broke down the top five great men of the house and ranked the baddest chicks of the house.

The season finale comes in two parts. And thus, we’re going to go time capsule style in a live blog sort of fashion. Let’s hope someone gets TJ to give us a, “You killed it!”

(MTV blue-balled us at the end of the last episode. Right as Aneesa and Diem were going to face-off against Jemmeye and Camila, they went all cliff hanger on us. I’m sure the beginning of this episode picks up there.)

:02 – The challenge to complete the final six teams is the same one where Cooke peed her pants on purpose.

:03 – Diem freaks out because she can’t reach the rope to saw it in half. Neither can Camila, but Jemmeye helps bring the rope to her.

:05 – Aneesa says this is their last chance to make the finals. Does she mean for this season? Or is that a little foreshadowing for her Challenge career?

:06 – Right before we go to commercial, Camila and Jemmeye cut one of the ropes. They only need one left to win.

:11 – They cut the second rope and Aneesa and Diem are goners. Diem takes the blame for the team. She and Aneesa are like sisters now.

:13 – CT picks Diem up and gives her a farewell hug with glossy eyes. He’s not a machine! He’s a man!

(By the way, what a great final when it comes to the characters of this show. Camila and Johnny can start fireworks. Frank and CT as well, with Jordan peeking over their shoulder. Wes and Bananas. And Cooke giving everyone the side eye. It’s going to be fantastic.)

:21 – Cara Maria is practicing her swimming with Bananas. They better get Marlon in that water too.

:22 – Bananas reads TJ’s text (while in his own Real Johnny Bananas shirt) that says they’ll meet him in Tokyo. That reminds me. Have there been many Asian participants on this show?

:28 – CT just compared himself to Dan Marino!

:32 – While on a bus that’s supposed to take them to the airport for Tokyo, two vans with guys in masks (on of which is none other than TJ Lavin) stop the bus and make everyone get off. They put hoods over the contestants’ heads and tie their hands together.

Rivals 2 finale

:34 – Instead of Tokyo, they are taken to a port with two old rickety boats. The challenge starts with a mile swim. Marlon and Cara Maria are very unhappy with this prospect.

:36 – The goal is to get to a yacht, but only two guys teams and two girls teams get to leave on the yacht, so third place means game over.

:39 – Emily and Paula finish the swim first. Cara Maria and Cooke are no where in sight.

:44 – A Survivor-like puzzle awaits them all. Jemmye and Camila weren’t far behind on the swim and the two teams get a good head start on the puzzle over Cara Maria and Cooke.

:46 – Marlon brings up the rear, but the three guy teams all start at around the same time.

:48 – In Wes’ words, he and CT “murdered” everyone. They finish the puzzle, hop on the kayak and reach the yacht to get to day two of the final.

:55 – Somehow, Cara Maria and Cooke finish the puzzle first and are on their way to join Wes and CT on the yacht.

:57 – Emily and Paula finish and go yachting and are the second girls’ team.

:59 – Johnny and Frank and Jordan and Marlon don’t finish after an hour and they have to make a mad dash on the kayak to the yacht. Johnny and Frank get a head start because they finished their swim first and started the timer on the puzzle first.

1:01 – Someone dumps off the kayak, but you can’t tell who it is. And, we get blue balled again. To be continued…

So, we know three teams who have advanced to the final day. Emily and Paula, Cooke and Cara Maria, and Wes and CT are onto day two. Either Johnny Bananas and Frank or the rookie team, Marlon and Jordan advance.

We’ll find out next week during part two of the Rivals II finale.

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