Civil-WarsFirst up, it’s time for a contest! Any Jason Newsted fans out there? Any Newsted fans who like vinyl? Well we’ve got your chance to win a copy on vinyl of the out today Heavy Metal Music (Which we reviewed back in July, read here)! All you have to do is tell us which Canadian rocker Newsted teamed up with for a project or two that was never released. Bonus points (And maybe a poster?) if you can name either of the two bands/projects. Here’s a hint: I may or may not have done a few posts about the “Canadian rocker” in question over in my regular Monday column. Just email us your answer/guess at with the header “GIMME NEWSTED VINYL”. We’ll choose a winner at random and announce it on our facebook page early next week. God luck!

As for the rest of August 6th’s gems, we have a new one from folk/country/pop duo The Civil Wars which may or may not be their last. Inner turmoil and band drama is great for headlines but if the music doesn’t match up then who cares really? Our own KBOX will have a review up real soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Paging Dr. House! That’s right, Hugh Laurie is back with an album focusing on the bluesy aspects of the American heartland. Keep your ears open for a guest spot from Taj Mahal and a cover of Dr. John’s “Wild Honey”. Elsewhere, metalcore faves Asking Alexandria and Norma Jean are back with new rekkids for all you kiddies while KT Tunstall releases her fourth album,  Invisible Empire/Crescent Moon.

For a complete list of the week’s releases head on over to Pause & Play as I leave you with Saigon Kick doing “The Lizard” because I can.



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