NEWSTED_HMM_LoRescoverAn album I thought I would have not much interest in initially, the debut solo album from Jason Newsted has easily climbed to the top of my most anticipated heavy albums of 2013 list on the strength of the Metal EP released in January and “Heroic Dose”, the first offering from Heavy Metal Music due on August 6th.

I said it before but this is the album Metallica really wanna make in the 21st century. It’s earnest, honest, and definitely the sound that’s missing from their current repertoire. Furthermore, it would be unfair to compare Newsted’s vocal style to James Hetfield but if fans are looking for that gruff sound synonymous with Metallica’s early days then Heavy Metal Music is going to suit you just fine.

Songs like opener “Heroic Dose” or slammer “Soldierhead” had already enticed me but it’s songs like the lo-fi old school Metallica edginess of cuts like “As The Crow Flies” or straight ahead headbangers like “Long Time Dead” or “Twisted Tale Of The Comet” that keep metal fans sticking around for more.

Then there’s moody pieces like “Nocturnus” which gives a glimpse into what might come down the line along with cuts like “King Of The Underdogs” that not only shows off Newsted’s songwriting prowess but could also serve as his definitive anthem which further solidify his solo artist status. Let’s not forget the band here, though. Drummer Jesus Mendez Jr. is a monster behind the kit. Just listen to “Kindevillusion”! Then there’s the dual guitar attack of Jessie Farnsworth and a little guy named Mike Mushok, whom you might remember from some local band by the name of Staind, who shred on songs like “Above All” and “Ampossible” rounding out an unbelievable roster of talent for Heavy Metal Music.

Heavy Metal Music will be unleashed on August 6th. Find out where you can pick up the album and where you can catch Newsted on the road with Gigantour here.

Grade: A



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