SAMSUNGI know I should be writing about the 10th anniversary show of Boston’s Cocked N’ Loaded and the heroic feat of awesomeness that frontman Kyle Neeson performed after a mid-set injury but the last show Motherboar ever played is the focus of this week’s column because IT WAS THE LAST SHOW MOTHERBOAR WILL EVER PLAY!!!!!

For the uninitiated, Motherboar is a mix of Clutch and Mastodon with some good old party vibes thrown in for good measure (Think I Get Wet-era Andrew W.K. and not LMFAO) and a staple of the Boston heavy scene for almost the last decade. Their latest, The Beast Becomes The Servant (Released in 2011, you can read the review here and then buy it here) is utterly brilliant and a must-have for any hard rock/metal fan. Since then they’ve played a crapload but that fabled third LP never materialized (Although some songs off of it have been performed live) and they’re going their separate ways (But if you pay attention to the scene, you’ll see the guys pop up here and there maybe with Gozu or laying some guest vox on an upcoming Jack Burton Vs. David LoPan album). But not before laying waste to the Middle East one last time…

If you’re of the straight edge persuasion then being towards the front of the crowd at the Middle East Downstairs upon Motherboar’s arrival was probably not a good idea as those were the areas most bathed in booze. And I mean, really, if the adoring fans all over the front wearing ponchos didn’t tip you off then you deserve what you got. It was like Gallagher came to town. Opening with “Grillin’ and Killin'”, beer and spit was a flyin’ as fast as the riffs were. The brothers Grotto were on fire as were shred masters Brian Connor and Andrew Doherty.

Kenny Irwin as always commanded the stage and eloquently introduced hit after ‘Boar hit (“This is a song about Pterodactyl’s, it’s called “Pterodactyl” or “This is ‘Camel Puncher, it’s about punching camels!”). The stage was a party and a half as a slew of guests made (multiple) appearances throughout their 45-minute set. Duncan Wilder Johnson reprised his spoken word performance in “Zombie Vomit” (Reminiscent of Henry Rollins guest spot on Tool’s “Bottom”). Cocked N’ Loaded/I am become Death frontman Kyle Neeson also made numerous appearances as did former guitarist Pete Knipfing along with a number of those fans and friends in attendance.

Closing the set with a raucous rendition of “Raise The Death Toll” followed by a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf”(During which some of the band partook of said sweet leaf), Motherboar left the scene the same way they entered: LOUDLY!

We love you Motherboar! Thanks for everything!



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