Make sure you check your bank balance before reading this column. There’s a lotta stuff hitting the streets today. Let’s just get to it.

Simply put-I love Vampire Weekend. They’re an acquired taste for some people (as many artists are,) but I don’t really get the criticism leveled at them. They’re interesting from a musical and a lyrical standpoint, and they’re just straight up fun to listen to. Modern Vampires of the City is the name of the quartet’s third album, following the successful Contra. The album’s gotten almost universally good reviews (somewhat surprisingly) and since I’m old school and didn’t listen to the iTunes stream last week, I’m really looking forward to getting this one dropped in my mailbox on Tuesday.

AmLoveBoston’s Bad Rabbits are one of the few popular actual bands in existence that plays soul music. Of course, they don’t just play soul music. Accented with flavors of punk and dance music, these guys throw down every time they’re on record and on stage, with an energy reminiscent of peak period Morris Day & The Time. No surprise, then, that they’ve earned their stripes on packages like the Warped Tour. The group’s latest album, called American Love, will hopefully get even more eyes on them-if there’s one band that deserves to break huge, it’s these fellas.

Someone who’s already broken big is Demi Lovato. The former Disney star looks to be in the process of completing the jump to adult success, even though there have been some hiccups on that road (including a rehab stay.) However, following a successful season as host of The X Factor, Demi’s star has not been brighter, and her latest album, called Demi, is sure to be a success. First single “Heart Attack” is already a smash, and with production and songwriting from the likes of Ryan Tedder, pop radio will likely take other songs from this set and make them ubiquitous.

A couple of hit female artists are making their return to the scene, having been missing in action since Demi Lovato was playing with Barbie dolls. As a matter of fact, both Eve & Amy Grant are releasing their first new material in ten years. Eve, the Grammy-winning female rapper, has found success on television and film in the time since her last album, and has also had to deal with label woes during this time. Lip Lock, her fourth album, is her attempt to stay relevant in a music scene where the female rapper du jour is Nicki Minaj. Meanwhile, Grant’s latest album, How Mercy Looks from Here, is a typically low-key set that draws in guests including James Taylor, Sheryl Crow, and Amy’s husband, Vince Gill.

Also releasing new albums this week:

Trace Adkins | The Dillinger Escape Plan | Ben Lee | Bobby McFerrin | Mindless Self Indulgence | and George Strait.

For a full roundup of this week’s releases, check out Pause and Play.

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