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I thought “Forrest Gump” was going to be the next single from Frank Ocean’s gold-certified Channel: Orange album. Guess I was wrong.

Probably a better choice to go with “Lost,” anyway. Frank needs a bit of a kickstart after a coolly-received (but brave as fuck) Grammy performance. I’d also say that things got sort of deflated when he won less awards than most folks were expecting him to take away.

Anyhow, “Lost” might be the most commercial radio song on Orange. The split-screen video follows Frank around the world on tour. It’s a video concept that’s been utilized thousands of times before, so the realĀ  “catch” here is the music itself. While “Lost” isn’t as emotionally powerful as some other songs on the album are, it’s a bouncy tune with rock underpinnings that reminds me slightly (musically) of Van Hunt’s “Dust.” Check out the video below, and look for a cameo from Frank’s Odd Future cohort, Tyler the Creator.

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