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You might remember our Justin Timberlake BlerdTube, which was the first one we’d done. After having a blast with that one, we decided to do a second.

Last week, we gave you our list of Eddie Murphy’s top movies of all-time. As an addendum to that list, we’re doing a BlerdTube on some of Eddie’s best moments in film and television. We stayed away from “Raw” and “Delirious” clips that have been shared all around the Internet for years and years, similarly famous clips like the barbershop scene from “Coming To America”, as well as clips that we already shared on the Murphy all-time movie list.

Buckwheat Is Dead

Where were YOU when Buckwheat was killed?

I know where I was…in an apartment in Michigan, up past my bedtime (I was 7) completely freaked out and not quite understanding that Eddie Murphy’s Buckwheat was a fictional character and he didn’t really get shot by John David Stutts. While I can laugh hysterically at the clip 30 years later, I’ve got to say that I had nightmares for months after watching it originally air on “SNL.” Even though Eddie’s legendary tenure on the show was filled with great impressions and masterful sketches, Buckwheat (and his assassination) is still lodged in my head as my first “Saturday Night Live” moment. (Big Money)

Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood

I hope I get to move in your neighborhood someday. The problem is when I move in, y’all move away. (KJ)

Eddie Murphy’s First Tonight Show Appearance

Eddie’s first appearance on “The Tonight Show” featured material that would become widely heard on his first comedy album, which I only played every day one year during the summer. The first Black president sketch is still funny, but amazing that it took as long as it did considering Murphy was talking about it in 1982. (GG)

Kill The White People


Singing like Bob Marley and looking like Eddy Grant, Tyrone Green and band bring their minimalist reggae to a VFW hall. Their antagonistic music quickly drives the white, square audience out of the hall, while Buck Henry’s uber white, uber square character tries (and fails) to assert authority over the stage. While the skit is funny on its face, it’s even more compelling when you consider the critique Murphy makes of the contradictory relationship that exists between prejudicial white audiences and their consumption of black culture – a tension that Bill Yousman described as Blackophilia vs. Blackophobia. That critique is subdued in the skit proper, drowned out by the shock value of “Kill the White People.” But the critique is there (more clearly in hindisight, to be sure), delivered via one of Murphy’s most racial – and humorous – SNL moments. (Gonzo)

Jack, Tell Me A Story

The first time I watched “48 Hours”, this scene made me laugh the hardest. It still does. (GG)

The Quart Of Blood Technique

Here’s a good one from Trading Places with a very young Giancarlo Esposito as Eddie talks tough and two big dudes aren’t buying it. (Jay)

Ebony & Ivory

Parodie Eddie Murphy & Joe Piscopo by PeteRock

You are Black, I am White, life’s an Eskimo Pie, let’s take a bite… (May)


I bought “Beverly Hills Cop” on iTunes so my kids and I could watch it while we were on vacation. My youngest may have played this scene on his iPad about 500 times. “Give me kiss baby!” (GG)

Party All The Time

How could we not? (GG)

Pre-Raw Standup Footage

From what I gather, this is pre-Raw standup footage. It’s a bit mean-spirited as that was his style at the time, but he has some funny things to say about Sean Penn and a great bit on former boxer Larry Holmes, which was placed on his greatest hits album. (GG)

In The Face!

Many have a much different favorite scene from “Coming To America”, but this is mine. It’s short and just shows how much a fish out of water Prince Akeem is in Queens, New York. (GG)

Eddie And MJ At The AMAs

Pretty funny stuff considering it was all improv. (Big Money)

Free James Brown!

I remember seeing bits and pieces of this, which is actually a failed pilot produced by Eddie Murphy and starring Corin “Corky” Nemec. I couldn’t even remember what it was called (What’s Alan Watching), but I remembered going around the house saying, “Free James Brown!” and not really remembering where I got it from except that I remember Murphy saying it. It took until two years ago when the video showed up on YouTube. I also remember Murphy saying, “Clench your butt cheeks,” at the end, but don’t see it on this version. (GG)

Reggie Vs. Buddy Love

It’s the closest we’ll see Murphy do standup again probably, but these “fat jokes” made him the talk of high schools again, like it was after everyone had seen “Delirious” and “Raw”. Loving you is easy cause, you’re beautiful. Dave Chapelle couldn’t quite hit that high note like Niecy. (GG)

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