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"Lost": Frank Ocean's Travel Documentary

“Lost”: Frank Ocean’s Travel Documentary

Frank Ocean gets lost in the latest clip from “Channel: Orange.”

Passion Pit's "Carried Away": Michael Angelakos Is Ready for His Close-Up

Passion Pit’s “Carried Away”: Michael Angelakos Is Ready for His Close-Up

Big name actress in your new video? Passion Pit, you have hit the big time.

Miguel Gets Serious with "Candles in the Sun" Video

Miguel Gets Serious with “Candles in the Sun” Video

R&B singer Miguel continues his ascent to superstardom with a new video for “Candles in the Sun.”

Paramore Gets Their Sci-Fi On With "Now" Video

Paramore Gets Their Sci-Fi On With “Now” Video

Seems like it’s been an eternity since Paramore released anything. A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that the release date of their last album was 2009. So, yeah…an eternity. And Paramore doesn’t seem like one of those bands that can successfully return from a four-year layoff (translation: their fans are still likely maturing in musical taste and in all likelihood are listening to something else now.) Nevertheless, Hayley Williams and her rotating cast of sidemen have returned with a self-titled […]

The Viewfinder: Fiona Apple, "Every Single Night"

The Viewfinder: Fiona Apple, “Every Single Night”

So, in the new Fiona Apple video “Every Single Night,” we’ve got our heroine being stalked by a giant snail, in bed next to a man with a white undershirt, boxers and an animal head, random shots of what appears to be a human brain, and so many quick cuts you might get whiplash. So far, so Fiona. Ms. Apple has always been as intriguing a visual artist as she has been a musician, and this clip-although it may be […]

The Viewfinder: Coldplay Featuring Rihanna, "Princess Of China"

The Viewfinder: Coldplay Featuring Rihanna, “Princess Of China”

Chris Martin (of Coldplay) teams up with Rihanna for the new video “Princess of China.” Check out the martial arts-inspired epic and tell us what you think!

The Viewfinder: “It All Belongs To Me” by Brandy & Monica

It’s been nearly a decade and a half since Brandy Norwood and Monica Arnold squared off on the #1 smash “The Boy Is Mine.” Back then, the two were teen idols. The fact that they’re able to reunite at this point in the game and still create something newsworthy, speaks to the talent of both women. However, while I can’t deny that Brandy and Monica are both gifted, I can also say that this reunion could have resulted in something […]

The Viewfinder: Phonte’s “Dance In The Reign”

If you are a hip-hop fan, you are sleeping big time if you haven’t picked up Charity Starts At Home . The new album by former Little Brother member and occasional Foreign Exchange member Phonte is straight fire. Grown folks rap for people who want to hear about things other than cars and money. It’s been a couple of months since the album’s release, but Phonte is finally delivering a video for “Dance In The Reign,” the opening track (and one of the best […]

The Viewfinder New Year's Special: Featuring The Fray & Foster The People

The Viewfinder New Year’s Special: Featuring The Fray & Foster The People

There’s always a handful of fairly generic rock bands that crop up every era and make good music-and one of the better mainstream pop/rock bands of recent times has to be The Fray. Sort of like a more grounded, American version of Coldplay, the band first made it’s name with the hooky ballads “Over My Head (Cable Car)” and the ubiquitous “How To Save A Life” (which, despite being played to death, I’ve never grown tired of. That’s the mark […]

The Viewfinder: Common's "Sweet"

The Viewfinder: Common’s “Sweet”

Dear Rashid, You fell off. That Universal Mind Control album? Garbage. And that shit hurt my heart. Your career trajectory was inspiring, to say the least. Fifteen years after your debut, you were just reaching the apex of your powers circa Be. Prior to that, you’d released one of the most adventurous albums in modern hip-hop history, Electric Circus. Props for that one, too. But man, listening to you spit over warmed over Neptunes beats…it was like if LL had […]

The Viewfinder: Duran Duran’s “Girl Panic!”

In much the same way All You Need is Now marked a return to the sound that made Duran Duran household names in the early Eighties, the video for “Girl Panic!” marks a return to the types of videos that made the Durannies the first ever “MTV band”. Of course, there’s no longer a vehicle like MTV for Duran Duran to dominate, so maybe “Girl Panic!” just appeals to the nostalgist in me. But shit, this might be the best video these guys have made […]

The Viewfinder: Kelly Clarkson’s “Mr. Know-It-All”

Kelly Clarkson’s made such a name for herself playing the “someone done me wrong” card that it’s hard to picture her as anything but. I suppose “My Life Would Suck Without You” was a happy love song, but even that came within sort of an aggro framework. Somewhat unfortunately, “Mr. Know-It-All” comes from a similar place, only with a lot less of the personality that defined earlier hits like the now-classic “Since U Been Gone”. I don’t know-to my ears, […]