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I need to get to one of ?uestlove’s Brooklyn Bowl events soon. I am making this my mission.

D’Angelo’s new album is approaching Chinese Democracy/Detox status (13 years and counting,) but D has at least been performing steadily over the past year or so, and allegedly James River will be out in 2013!

(do we believe this?)

In this clip, Mr. Archer is joined by his homeboy/musical director/my spirit musician Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson for a version of “New Position,” one of the jams from Prince’s Under the Cherry Moon soundtrack. They pretty much nailed this one.

Shit, I’d be down for a ?uest/D Prince covers album. Dunno how the Purple One himself would feel about that, though.

(Also, how long before this gets taken down?)

(Also also…shouts out to Michael Parr for hipping me to this.)

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