There are very few things you can absolutely count on. Birds will sing, bees will buzz, and Dave Matthews will go on tour every damn summer.

DMB are quite possibly the most successful touring act of the past two decades (I can’t verify that, but who else could it possibly be?) and going to see Dave and the boys has become almost a yearly rite for some. I add myself to that group even though I haven’t seen the guys in four years or so.

Even though I was somewhat underwhelmed by their most recent album, 2012’s Away From the World, I think I might give them a go this year. It has been a while, enough time for me to feel like it’s fresh again. Also, enough time for me to not be as annoyed by the frat-tards who seem hell bent on making my DMB shows not as pleasurable as they should be.

The dates (in a screen capture from the band’s website because there is no way in hell I am typing all of that out) are below. On sale dates will vary. Maybe I’ll see you at one of the shows!!

DMB Tour Dates

Dave Matthews Band’s 2013 tour dates.


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