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Last year, the pairing of Usher and Diplo resulted in “Climax,” easily one of the year’s best singles. Usher’s falsetto, backed with Diplo’s minimalist production, set a tone that Mr. Raymond should have continued throughout his underwhelming Looking 4 Myself album. Alas.

At any rate, this dynamic duo has returned with a new song called “Go Missin’.” The electronic background is still spare, and Usher continues his vocal acrobatics, but this particular track doesn’t do anywhere near as much for me as “Climax” did. It’s not a bad song by any stretch of the imagination, but the “Climax” magic isn’t there.

Not sure if this is the first track from a new Usher album–if so, he’s putting out music at a pretty solid pace: Looking only came out last spring. If so, let’s hope Usher leaves his clubland adventures to others and gives us some more soul, whether Diplo’s along for the ride or he rolls with other collaborators.

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