Spin Cycle


Jason Newsted is back. After years experimenting, Newsted is revisiting thrash metal in a glorious fashion. If you felt like Death Magnetic almost got it right, you’ll find that Metal is the final piece to complete that puzzle. It’s actually like a continuation of …And Justice For All and while Newsted might not have those Hetfieldian pipes, he sure makes up for it in true grit.

“Soldierhead” kicks things off with a Motorhead inspired thrashfest and continues into the thunderous “Godsnake” which also brings to mind Voivod with its sonic ferocity. The tempo and the length picks up with the six minute “King of the Underdogs”. Drummer Jesus Mendez Jr. hits and grooves as well as that other guy Newsted used to be in a band with while guitarist Jessie Farnsworth rounds out this power trio and lays down an absolutely haunting solo amidst Ozzy-style maniacal laughs in the background.

Closing out the 4-track EP with the slamming “Skyscraper” which adds some good old fashioned blues to the heavy (Clutch-like even), Newsted easily proves that on Metal he has the mettle to make it under his own name this time.

Metal is out digitally now. Get yours here.

Grade: A

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