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Probably the biggest letdown for me in 2012 was the fact that The Good Natured’s full length didn’t see the light of day. The incredible Skeleton EP, released in 2011, is still in regular rotation on my Ipod and I couldn’t wait to hear where they went. There was a glimmer of hope earlier in 2012 as “Video Voyeur” was released and some updates saying the album was coming and then…nothing.

Cut to today and the release of “5-HT” and the announcement of the single set for March 2013. The first thing that’s obvious after listening to the single is that The Good Natured have definitely not been sitting on their asses all year (Think “Good things come to those who wait” as the mantra here). “5-HT” is the song fans of The Good Natured’s brand of “modern wave pop noir” should easily get excited about while for the uneducated, think the best elements of Ladytron and Garbage mixed with the more electronic aspects of Duran Duran with some drum ‘n bass thrown in for good measure. But the best part about “5-HT”? It’s the first single FROM THE GOOD NATURED’S DEBUT ALBUM!

Watch the video below. “5-HT” is out on March 11th.



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