We’re all connected here because of a love of pop culture. It’s why I created the site, it’s why the people that write for the site do it, and it’s (presumably) why most of you regulars read the site. The creation and promotion of Popblerd has also allowed me to connect with others who are as pop culture (and specifically music) crazy as I am. A lot of these folks have their own ventures-whether they be sites or blogs (check our blogroll,) bands and records, or, in the case of the men behind Twin Cousins Records, their own label.

Brothers Dan and Dave Mistich (who, incidentally, are celebrating birthdays today!) are cutting quite a swath through the music journalism world. Dave has written for Relix MagazinePopMattersThe Charleston Daily MailGraffitti, and other publications that you’ve probably heard of, and has also worked in both radio and music publicity. Meanwhile, Dan has also written for PopMatters as well as for Spindle Magazine. 

The two have started Twin Cousins Records why? Well, because they love music. And they want to start a label. Nothing wrong with that, right? In addition to, y’know, puttin’ our rekkids, the label will also handle some management and marketing/publicity chores. Doing all of this? It costs money. So, they are asking friends, family and music lovers everywhere to contribute. The brothers have set up an IndieGoGo campaign to help create awareness and funding for the label.

So,  if you love music and wanna support the little guy(s), follow them on Twitter (@twincousinsrecs) to stay in the loop with happenings regarding the label, contribute to their campaign, send artists their way!

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