If you thought lead single “Hypnotize” by South Florida’s The Kinected was a slice of heaven then you’re in for a treat as the rest of their full-length Evolution #9 absolutely knocks it out of the park. It’s the lead off single/album opener that draws listeners in, but once there, there’s no going back from the musical ecstasy The Kinected bring forth.

“Feels Too Good” comes off as this Duran Duran/NKOTB hybrid making for an interesting musical dichotomy. That boy band feel is thanks in part to the double vocal attack of Ron Anthony and Alex Zapatier while it’s the latters sleek guitar work that brings to mind DD, especially their 21st Century output.

Where The Kinected really soar, though, is when they stick with electro rock which they do really well. Songs like “Heart On Fire” and “Money” are just as infectious as “Hypnotize” but add so much more. “Heart On Fire” especially just soars. As listeners delve deeper within Evolution #9, they’ll be exposed to more of The Kinected’s intricacies such as the Devo-esque “Radio” and the even more stellar Middle Eastern tinged “Pressure”.

Evolution #9 is definitely the album that’ll put The Kinected on the map and in music lovers hearts. Get your copy here.

Grade: B+



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