Who knew Jakob Dylan had a little bit of funk in him?

After a five year hiatus, The Wallflowers are back. A new album, Glad All Over, comes out on October 2nd. Of course, lead singer/principal songwriter Jakob Dylan wasn’t idle during that half decade. He made two very interesting (and pretty damn good) solo albums during that time period. However, the entire band is back at full throttle and they might owe some of the danceable sound of their new single to Mick Jones. The former Clash member (and driving force behind Big Audio Dynamite) supplies vocals and guitar to “Mission,” and his influence is certainly felt. The song could be “This Is Radio Clash” or “The Globe”‘s long-lost cousin.

The video is a little on the unexpected side as well-as The Wallflowers take it to the Wessyde and show off some of Cali’s finest footwork.

Color me intrigued!


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