Y’all know how much we here at Popblerd HQ love podcasts. I’m always down to listen to some Bill Simmons or Kevin Smith, I was fortunate enough to guest on the entertaining Popdose podcast, our basketball correspondent Jay’s Knicks podcast is entertaining, and me and some members of the crew have been known to fool around with that idea occasionally as well.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be asked to guest on the Tom & Suzie Show. Introduced to the couple via a mutual friend, these folks are based out of Richmond, Virginia (a city I had the pleasure (?) of visiting once–what I remember most is that there was bulletproof glass at the Domino’s)* and they’re bikers. The conversation the three of us had before I appeared on their podcast consisted of them telling me how they narrowly averted catastrophe riding back home in a rainstorm. They made it home okay, I almost shit myself just listening to the story.

They’re hilarious, proudly anti-P.C., and a whole lot of fun to listen to. You’ll find the episode I appear on here, but make sure you check out all their shows on their site or on iTunes!

*They’re actually from another part of Virginia, about 2 hours from Richmond, but I left my mistake in because my story is cool.

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