By far my favorite song on Men Without Hats latest Love In The Age Of War, “This War” finally gets the single treatment and it’s for free! In honor of the bands just announced US dates (See below), MWH have released “This War” which fans will already recognize as a staple of their live set for the past year and a half and the first official taster of LITAOW. It’s vintage Men Without Hats through and through with vocalist Ivan Duroschuk’s uncanny baritone and poignant world weary lyrics amid some blaring synths that could easily be mistaken for air raid sirens at times. And it’s fast. Real fast. If you’re looking for something to dance to with reckless aplomb in the 21st Century, then “This War” is your jam.

Get a free download of the song here along with dates for the bands upcoming tour.



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