Why play with four when you can accomplish the same with two? The Black Keys are doing it in stadiums now. Hank & Cupcakes are doing it in the clubs. Hell, The Pet Shop Boys did it years ago. IAMDYNAMITE are the next duo poised for great things thanks to the power of two and their debut album SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC is the definitive proof. No other band is going to make you wanna dance as much as IAMDYNAMITE will this summer after SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC is released. In fact! SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC is filled with so much sing-a-long goodness, that you’ll be taking their memorable songs to the grave (I’m looking at you “Stereo”)! Memorable beats, memorable riffs, and memorable hooks are what make SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC so, um, supermegafantastic.

But I digress.

Detroit’s finest invite you to the party proper with “Where Will We Go” which showcases vocalist/guitarist Christopher Martin’s unique set of pipes and drummer (and sometime vocalist) Chris Phillips masterful beat keeping technique and power bashing. The party doesn’t let up until the final beat of “Annie” rings out and you’ll find yourself hard pressed to stop tapping your foot or bobbing your head throughout.

If your first taste of IAMDYNAMITE was lead off single “Stereo” then you have a pretty good idea of the sound of  SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC but you have no idea of the range. “Annie” closes things off nice and mellow while “Carolina” is another mid-tempo number that stands above and breaks up the hyper-electricity of the rest of the album. If you want the rawk to never stop, though, songs like “Hey Girl” and “Riot In The Neon Light” (Also featuring a sick trumpet solo!) will not disappoint.

SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC is out on June 5th. Buy it here. And then go see them. It will be SUPERMEGAFANTATSIC!

Grade: B+

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