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Like to rawk? So do Detroit’s IAMDYNAMITE and the proof is on their debut SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC. Check out our review!

Spin Cycle: Lionel Richie's "Tuskegee"

Spin Cycle: Lionel Richie’s “Tuskegee”

Lionel Richie goes all-the-way-country on his new album, “Tuskegee.” Does it make the grade?

Chartstalker 4/30/10: Positively "Glee"-Ful

WordPress tells me that my top search term of the day is “Chelsea Lately Sex Tape”. This is weird, because I don’t think I’ve ever written about Chelsea Lately or a sex tape. Anyway, I’m gonna use that as a tag just to see how many more hits I get. However, this column isn’t about search results, either! It’s about the Billboard charts and the fact that the “Glee: Power of Madonna” album enters the Album chart at #1, selling […]

The New Release Report 4/20/10: DWI (Divas with Issues)

There’s not too many things I like more than damaged people. I guess people who are damaged but try to act like they aren’t kinda piss me off, but people who revel in their damaged-ness? That’s my kinda party. I won’t go into detail about Shelby Lynne and her troubles on this page. I will say that I’m madly in love with her, and that love was reinforced when I met her backstage after a concert a few years ago […]