A week or so ago, we let you know that Michael Jackson’s label and estate are planning a deluxe edition of his classic album Bad, in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of t’s release. This reissue will not only contain a CD and DVD of a historic 1988 performance in England, but will contain a ton of unreleased material in addition to remixes of the album’s original tracks.

Yesterday, a remix of the album’s title track showed up on the internet. The remix comes courtesy of EDM specialist Afrojack. I must admit-I’m not much of a fan of modern dance music, and don’t really understand what all the hubbub is regarding Afrojack and artists of his ilk. The remix isn’t bad, per se, but there’s nothing particularly special about it IMHO. Hell, I prefer the single’s original 12″ remix. Then again, I’m an old man. So what do I know?

If you want a copy of this remix for your very own, grab yourself a Pepsi can with MJ’s likeness on it (I’m assuming they’re available now–although I have yet to see one,) snap a pic, and e-mail to mj@pepsi.com. Enjoy!!

And just for shits and giggles, here’s the original 12″ mix!

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