Since being premiered on “The Voice” a couple of weeks ago, Maroon 5’s “Payphone” has proven itself to be quite the hit. It’s been lodged in Billboard’s Top 5 and it looks like the downward trend the band found itself in prior to lead singer Adam Levine’s hosting gig on the aforementioned reality show has been reversed for good.

Look for the song to get even bigger following the recent release of the video. A bigger-budget clip than you normally see these days, the “Payphone” clip is filled with explosions, a bank robbery, police cars, and things of that nature. What it’s not filled with? A cohesive plot. What it’s also not filled with? The other members of Maroon 5. Not to beat a dead horse, and I’ve already spoken in detail about what seems to be transitioning into a solo career for Levine, but consider this: guest rapper Wiz Khalifa is in the video longer than all the non-Levine members of Maroon 5 combined.

The band’s Overexposed, which includes “Payphone,” will be out in late June.

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