I have to admit that I haven’t been paying attention to Canada’s 3 Inches Of Blood over the past few years. I know they lost a vocalist and signed with Century Media but as far as musical output, the last I heard was 2007’s Fire Up The Blades which is still a solid record. Long Live Heavy Metal is a firm reminder why I should never ignore 3 Inches Of Blood again.

The second record to feature Cam Pipes as 3IOB’s lone vocalist, Long Live Heavy Metal is a celebration of metal plain and simple. No gimmicks. No frills. It’s just a balls out worship to the throne of the Priest from start to finish.

Nothing states that sentiment more than “Metal Woman” which opens Long Live Heavy Metal grandly. Once “Metal Woman” gets going with a sick bass line and Pipes’ ridiculous entrance, you know it’s gonna be a rager. “My Sword Will Not Sleep” continues to delight in the headbanging department and showcases the shredding strength of Justin Hagberg and Shane Clark. “Kickstart My Heart” and speed metal collide on “Leather Lord” as Ash Pearson displays how metal drumming should be done.

Getting back to their Dungeons & Dragons roots is “Dark Matters” which could easily be featured in Army of Darkness as Ash rides through the woods fleeing from evil. Equally medieval, “One For The Ditch” would be the song playing during the credits. Elsewhere, songs like “Leave it on the Ice” will leave listeners (pleasantly) confused as 3IOB play at ludicrous speeds while “Men Of Fortune”, at a lengthy seven and a half minutes, is a guitarists dream with solos and crazy leads abound.

Not only is Long Live Heavy Metal a great metal record throughout, it’s also fun which unfortunately, is severely lacking in the metal community at times. 3 Inches Of Blood is currently slaying the masses live on the “Metal Alliance Tour” with their new bassist Byron Stroud (City of Fire, Fear Factory, SYL). See where you can catch them here.

Long Live Heavy Metal is out now on Century Media. Pick up a copy here if you’re so inclined.


Grade: B


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