To quote my wife: “If this is what happens after extended exposure to Josh Homme, I approve.” I think she’s talking more about Alex Turner’s new look than the song but I agree nonetheless. At this point, the Padawan Learner is soon going to exceed his Jedi Master in all things rawk and “R U Mine?” is the proof.

My problem with Arctic Monkeys is that their recorded output is uneven for such an amazing band. Their last album, Suck It And See, while solid as a whole was really uneven. Then they release “R U Mine?” and I’m eagerly anticipating their next already. The video is stylish, sleek and sexy while the song is pure electrified blues rock smothered in stoner sludge. Think: The Black Keys joining up with QOTSA for a mega band.

Check out the video below and do a double take when you realize that the guy on the left lip synching to the song is Alex Turner just as I did when I first saw this.

“R U Mine?” is available digitally now and as a Record Store Day 7″ with B-Side “Electricity” on April 21st.



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