Demon Hunter is not reinventing the wheel by any means when it comes to their brand of Christian metal but there is one thing that sets them apart from most: viciousness. “My Destiny” off the upcoming True Defiance (Out on April 10th through Solid State) is one heaping pile of viciousness from the moment the  buzzsaw riffage opens the song along with the metronome precise drumming. Add vocalist Ryan Clark screaming like never before and you have one great metal song regardless of your religious beliefs.

The video is just fun despite the song being as relentless as it is. You see a storyline of kids hanging out from the garage to the streets chillin’ with friends interspersed with Demon Hunter playing in said garage. You could read into it more (The destruction of the cassette, the breaking of the milk bottle) but I just think the video and the song work just fine even if you don’t analyze the hell out of it.



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