Remember when The Strokes first appeared on the scene 10 years ago and everyone was all like “They’re so amazing! They’re gonna be huge!” and then they split after 3 albums only to reform for money and sucked? If they had a first single like like “Tightrope” by Brooklyn’s Black Taxi maybe their career trajectory would’ve been different. For one thing, the strength of “Tightrope” alone indicates staying power. Mark my words five albums down the road when they’re still making exciting music together.

The lo-fi guitar and backbeat is very indicative of early The Strokes but as soon as Ezra’s velvety voice begins, you’ll know you’re in a whole other world. This is just a taste people. Full-length We Don’t Know Any Better is due in January. They hit Cambridge’s Middle East this Saturday, November 19th.  Stadiums are around the corner. Don’t miss your chance! Click here to download it now or click the link below for a taste.

01 Tightrope

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