…and here I thought LL was retired.

With a comfy starring role on “CSI: Los Angeles” and a discography that contained a decade’s worth of mediocre-to-straight-out-wack albums, my assumption was that the Future of the Funk had finally hung up his Kangol and gone Hollywood. Guess I was wrong.

“No More”, LL’s brand new song (which I imagine is from a new album? I’m not sure…) is a return to classic love-man LL. This dark-hued song features a muted but effective vocal performance from Ne-Yo and returns LL to the storytelling he was once renowned for. There’s nothing ridiculously trendy about it–LL isn’t trying to be someone he isn’t (or someone he used to be), it’s just classy, classic LL Cool J. If he can make a whole album of songs in this vein…well, scratch that statement. If he can channel the LL of old for an entire album (or even 3/4 of one, I’m easy), we might be witnessing the return of the man who once proclaimed himself the Greatest of All-Time.

LL Cool J Ft. Ne-Yo – No More (Prod. By Rico Love & Jim Jonsin) by SermonsDomain

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