The arrival of one of hip-hop’s most anticipated albums is imminent, but there’s still not an official release date.

There was a significant amount of buzz on the internet surrounding Kanye West & jay’Z’s Watch the Throne recently. Many reports suggested that the album might even see a surprise release today. Well, the album’s not out, but it appears that it has been completed.

A preorder page has been set up for the album, with standard and deluxe versions available. The cover art for the project has also been issued, and it keeps in line with Kanye’s often ostentatious visuals. What don’t we have? Well, we don’t have a release date. The album could come out tomorrow. It could come out in September. I will say that Kanye and Jay have done a pretty good job at shrouding this project in mystery.

First single “H.A.M.” underperformed, but I’d imagine that Jay and ‘Ye have a large enough audience that first week sales should be pretty solid, even if the album turns out to suck (which, given ‘Ye’s perfectionist tendencies, I doubt.) That said, Jay’s unfortunate track record with collaborations (the two Best of Both Worlds projects with R. Kelly as well as the Linkin Park mash-up) gives me a little bit of uncertainty.

The results of ‘Ye and Jay’s album-length collaboration will be known to us…eventually.

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