Welcome to Blerd Radio Episode 6! Mike and Jesse had a lot on their minds following Episode 5’s lighthearted birthday celebration. Here are some of the things that get discussed.

-Celebrities Losing Their Damn Fool Minds!: Tracy Morgan’s homophobic stand-up rant, Russell Crowe’s tirade against circumcision, Lupe Fiasco calling President Obama a terrorist and Congressman Wiener’s um…wiener?? Why do famous people fuck up so much? Or are we just paying more attention to them because they’re famous?

-Sports: Mike talks briefly about the NBA Finals and the NHL Championship while Jesse excuses himself to have a beer.

-New Music: It’s a quiet week for new releases, but there are some cool releases coming up! We take a quick glance over the Bad Meets Evil project (mistakenly omitted from this week’s New Release report), Jackie Evancho and this week’s other releases.

-Best Supergroups of All Time: Audioslave? Them Crooked Vultures? The Power Station? And why aren’t there any rap, R&B or pop supergroups? Mike and Jesse then threaten to put together their own supergroup.

-The return of nu-metal. Jesse waxes poetic on the return of Limp Bizkit and discusses Korn’s dubstep project (while he and Mike both search Wikipedia to find out exactly what dubstep is.)

-Bonnaroo wrap-up turns into a discussion of why multi-day music festivals just don’t seem like cool places to be.

-Mike turns Jesse on to “Go the F to Sleep” and the Samuel L. Jackson-narrated audio book.

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