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Cold As Ice: 2013-14 NHL Preview

Cold As Ice: 2013-14 NHL Preview

Editor’s note: The 2013-2014 NHL season kicks off Tuesday night with three games, including Toronto at Montreal and the defending Stanley Cup champs Chicago hosting Washington. Popblerd’s resident hockey scribes Jay Kumar and Stephen Mapes take a look at what to expect this season. Jay: Summer flew by and here we are, about to dive into another season of NHL hockey. What are your thoughts entering into this full season after last year’s exciting shortened season and playoffs? There are […]

Cold As Ice: A Short But Sweet Season

Editor’s note: Popblerd’s hockey correspondents Stephen Mapes and Jay Kumar take a final look at the 2013 season, which ended Monday night when the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Boston Bruins to win their second Stanley Cup in four years. Jay:  Okay, so we just came off a pretty damn exciting Stanley Cup final that saw Chicago take it in 6. What did you think? Did it meet your expectations? Stephen:  It met and exceeded, I’d say. While I would have […]

Cold As Ice: And Then There Were Four

Editor’s note: With the conference finals of the NHL playoffs beginning tonight, Popblerd’s hockey writers Stephen Mapes and Jay Kumar review the second round and look ahead to the third. Jay: Well, here we are with the conference finals about to begin Saturday. What are your thoughts about the end of the second round? Stephen:  It was interesting how the East had definitive champs, while the West was a total toss up. I am a bit surprised the Kings made […]

Cold As Ice: The Wonders of Round 1

Cold As Ice: The Wonders of Round 1

Popblerd’s hockey mavens Stephen Mapes and Jay Kumar discuss the first round of the NHL playoffs.

Cold As Ice: 2013 NHL Season Preview (It’s An East Coast-West Coast Thing)

Editor’s note: Popblerd’s hockey scribes Jay Kumar and Stephen Mapes are happy to be back writing about the NHL. On the eve of the start of an abbreviated season, Jay and Stephen chat about what to expect and make some bold predictions. Jay:  So Stephen, here we sit in mid-January with a 48-game season about to start. How are you feeling about the NHL right now? Excited or still pissed off over the lockout? Stephen:  Honestly, until I sat down […]

Cold As Ice: NHL Playoffs Are Chock Full O’ Upsets

As the first round of the NHL playoffs winds down, our hockey team of Stephen Mapes and Jay Kumar looks back at the last week of games, while watching the Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals play in overtime in game 7 of their series. Jay:  Okay, well, here we are chatting while we wait for yet another overtime between Boston and Washington. Only this one is game 7. Next goal wins. What are your thoughts on this series? You picked […]

Cold as Ice: Suffer for Fashion

There are many things I love about hockey: The speed, the power, the skill. But another aspect that I really dig is the hockey jersey. It’s the coolest uniform in sports, without a doubt. It’s not that I don’t like gear from the other big team sports, but the hockey jersey (or sweater, if you’re old school) has it all over them. There’s just something inherently impressive about the look of a jersey, whether it’s that game-worn Steve Yzerman one […]

Cold as Ice: Hot Starts and Cool Chaos

As if often the case, the first two weeks of the NHL season have been rife with some early surprises. Several stalwarts from last year have shown some early signs of trouble, while a few of last year’s whipping posts have been flashing some signs of hope for their fan bases. For anyone who loves good hockey, these are things to be excited about, even if you know deep down in side they probably aren’t going to last. Fans of […]

2011-12 NHL Preview, Part 1: To Hell and Back

Editor’s note: Popblerd is happy to present its initial foray into hockey coverage with this weekly column, authored by Jay Kumar and Stephen Mapes. In the first of a two-part series, Jay looks back at the NHL’s brutal summer and previews the Eastern Conference. The NHL regular season kicked off last night with some marquee matchups, including Boston vs. Philadelphia and Toronto vs. Montreal. Usually, the offseason is a quiet time for the NHL other than the draft and free […]

Blerd Radio Episode 6: How Far is Too Far?

Welcome to Blerd Radio Episode 6! Mike and Jesse had a lot on their minds following Episode 5’s lighthearted birthday celebration. Here are some of the things that get discussed. -Celebrities Losing Their Damn Fool Minds!: Tracy Morgan’s homophobic stand-up rant, Russell Crowe’s tirade against circumcision, Lupe Fiasco calling President Obama a terrorist and Congressman Wiener’s um…wiener?? Why do famous people fuck up so much? Or are we just paying more attention to them because they’re famous? -Sports: Mike talks […]

Cardboard Funk 01: Joe Juneau

Joe Juneau (seen here as a member of the Boston Bruins) had a lengthy career as a journeymen wingman. After spending his college years playing for both R.P.I. (NCAA Frozen Four participant last year) and the Canadian National Team, where he won a silve medal at the 1992 Albertville Games, Juneau joined the Bruins for 14 games during the 1991-92 season. The following year was Joe Juneau’s best year statically. He racked up a career high 32 goals and 70 […]