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Roundball Soundoff's Playoff Preview

Roundball Soundoff’s Playoff Preview

Our friends from the New York Knicks podcast break down the NBA playoff scenario. Have a look to see who the guys think will be hoisting a championship trophy come June.

Roundball Soundoff 4/16/12: The Final Countdown

Roundball Soundoff 4/16/12: The Final Countdown

With two weeks remaining until the playoffs start, Popblerd’s Jay takes a look at some of the more interesting potential matchups.

Roundball Soundoff's Midseason Report Card Part Two: The Western Conference

Roundball Soundoff’s Midseason Report Card Part Two: The Western Conference

Check out the first part of our midseason report card here , and make sure you’re checking out Jay’s NY Knicks podcast. Oklahoma City Thunder: A+: Having the best record in the league sure silenced the whole ‘Westbrook vs. Durant power struggle’. Reggie Jackson seamlessly filled Eric Maynors shoes after his season ending injury and Harden is making a strong case for 6th man of the year. The only concern in OKC right now is the fact that their starting center, Kendrick Perkins, looks 37 […]

Roundball Soundoff: How’s The Western Conference Lookin’?

Did you guys check out our look at how the Eastern Conference is shaping up ? If not, we’ll wait. Now, here’s how things are going on the left side of the map. Make sure you’re checking out Jay’s Knicks-related podcast. Oklahoma City – This team is on fire right now.  The loss of Maynor for the season doesn’t seem to have affected them at all.  The Westbrook/Durant feud seems to have been nothing but hot air.  The team that everyone expected to make the conference finals before the season started […]

Roundball Soundoff Is Back!: 2011-2012 NBA Predictions

Roundball Soundoff Is Back!: 2011-2012 NBA Predictions

And they’re back!! After a lockout that threatened the 2011-2012 season, the NBA is back and we’re ready to hoop it up! The season will be shortened from 82 to 66 games (something that should maybe become a permanent change going forward,) and it looks like even with 16 games lopped off the schedule, this season will be more interesting than most. Some burning questions… -Can the Dallas Mavericks repeat, especially missing defensive specialist Tyson Chandler (who signed with The […]

Roundball Soundoff: Lockout Edition Vol.2 (Jay's List Continues)

Roundball Soundoff: Lockout Edition Vol.2 (Jay’s List Continues)

No NBA season probably means the window of opportunity for the champion Mavericks is closed. What else won’t happen this season? We take a look.

Roundball Soundoff Extra: Jay’s Season in Review, Part Two

Did you miss Part One ? The What Could Have Beens: A number of teams were derailed by injuries. Golden State Warriors – Couldn’t help but think that with a healthy David Lee and Andris Biedrins they would have at least been within striking distance of the 8th seed.  Lee wasn’t the same after Wilson Chandler went all True Blood on him . Cleveland Cavaliers – We knew after LeBron left they would be bad.  But this was still a team that won over 120 games the last 2 seasons.  […]

Roundball Soundoff’s End of Season Wrap Up Continues…Now It’s Khendra’s Turn

With the lockout now official, fans have nothing more to do for awhile but reminisce on what was. With that in mind, it sure was nice that 2010-11 was such a fascinating season. Highlights & Other Notable Happenings from 2010-11: * Of course, the Dallas Mavericks getting revenge. Many people had written them off not long after their collapse in 2006 to Miami, so it just was so appropriate that the two teams faced off again in an epic and […]

Blerd Radio Episode 6: How Far is Too Far?

Welcome to Blerd Radio Episode 6! Mike and Jesse had a lot on their minds following Episode 5’s lighthearted birthday celebration. Here are some of the things that get discussed. -Celebrities Losing Their Damn Fool Minds!: Tracy Morgan’s homophobic stand-up rant, Russell Crowe’s tirade against circumcision, Lupe Fiasco calling President Obama a terrorist and Congressman Wiener’s um…wiener?? Why do famous people fuck up so much? Or are we just paying more attention to them because they’re famous? -Sports: Mike talks […]

Roundball Soundoff: Championship Edition Part 2

You can check out Part 1 here . Now for the losers, the Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade – Wasn’t the same after his hip injury, but was the main reason the Heat were so close to winning this series. He was the best player on the team for the first five games. Looked like Dwyane was getting pretty frustrated with LeBron and I don’t blame him, he took his game to an even higher level in the finals and sacrificed his […]

Roundball Soundoff: Championship Edition Part 1

I’d like to start off by giving a big congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks. They surprised just about everyone all throughout the playoffs. They showed a mental and defensive toughness that no one thought was possible. If there is going to be a prolonged strike I’m glad we had such a feel-good story to close this chapter in the NBA out on. From Jason Kidd winning on his 3rd trip to the finals, to Peja and Marion getting a ring […]

Roundball Soundoff: Wade’s World

It’s certainly been a competitive NBA Finals so far, no doubt about that. It’s also been very revealing on several important points, some of which shouldn’t be all that surprising to more analytical fans. Among the points: * Dwyane Wade is the leader of the Heat. If anyone doubted so before, it should be clear to everyone now. I always figured Wade should be the main scoring option if Miami wanted the most success, and so far in the Finals, […]