The news that Tom Vek‘s first new album in over 5 years is finally coming out gave me a chance to listen to and reflect upon his brilliant debut We Have Sound over and over and over again.

Who is Tom Vek, you ask? I’ve read somewhere that he’s a “post-punk revivalist”. I think it’s just good music. His debut We Have Sound is still relevant today. It’s quirky-electro in the vein of Beck, Cake, and Soul Coughing. Sort of. He’s the whiter britisher Kenna. That’s Tom Vek in a nutshell (Still don’t know who Kenna is? Jeez people! That’ll be a whole ‘nother SGM I’m afraid).

A B-side from that album, “Music Television”, is a staple to my weekly music listening regimen with its hypnotic electronic and simplistic, repetitive lyrics. As for the A-sides, We Have Sound is just amazing. Check the video for “Nothing But Green Lights” and tell me you don’t see Napoleon Dynamite’s awkward dance routine within. “C-C (You Set The Fire In Me)” has the sickest drum and bass opening groove topped off by some spacey synths and Vek’s spoken-song melodies. What follows is some undeniably dancey, catchy, bob-your-head-along-to good music.

More layered and electro than We Have Sound, Leisure Seizure is a triumphant return for the brilliantly underrated Vek. “Hold Your Hand” is a densely structured opener with a simple organ line along with Vek’s voice that ascends to greatness by adding more synths and drum grooves steadily throughout.

“World Of Doubt” has a real Cake vibe happening thanks to Vek’s spoken-word almost rap vocal flow while “On A Plate” grabs you with an immediate synth line. I’ll admit, though, that I was sold as soon as I heard first single “A Chore” and saw the accompanying video. It reminded me why I loved this guy in the first place. There’s some subtle guitar crunches in there, a banging groove that kills after the 2-minute mark, and a crescendo of sound that will just knock you over. Quite simply, the song is euphoria incarnate.

Leisure Seizure is available at all digital outlets now. A physical release will follow in September 13th.

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