Guess what? JG still wants to rub you the right way.

It’s a shame that someone as vocally gifted as Johnny Gill has such a small discography. His last solo release was 1996’s Let’s Get the Mood Right. Again, Johnny Gill has not released a solo album of new material in FIF. TEEN. YEARS. Granted, there have been two LSG albums and a New Edition album in that time period but, come on. T-Pain can put out an album every year-the least JG could have done is give us an album in the last decade, right?

At any rate, JG hardly sounds rusty on his new single, “In the Mood”. Taken from his forthcoming release (no date yet), this record is a surefire panty dropper. Thankfully, there’s no contemporary stretching here, no guest rappers, no Auto-Tune. Just one man who knows what his zone is. Please join me in welcoming Johnny back. With New Edition news allegedly on the horizon, 2011 might turn out to be a great year for one of my favorite groups of all time.

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