There was an uproar over Big Game James leaving last week. People were swearing that they weren’t watching the show anymore. This show sucks! I’m going to let those of you disgusted folks in on a secret. Come closely to the computer screen. Ahem; there isn’t a true front runner on this show, thus, no one was robbed and you shouldn’t be surprised who wins this season. James could’ve won the show. But so could the rest of the three. Yes, even Haley.

Let’s get to the hotlist.

1. Lauren Alaina – The way she doesn’t win this is if she loses it tonight.
2. Scotty McCreery – I think he’s a shoe-in for the final two since a boy will be voted in.
3. Haley Reinhart – I didn’t think she had it in her and she might be my favorite to watch now.

The Defeated
1. Poor Young Ashthon Jones
2. Poor Karen Rodriguez
3. Poor Naima Adedapo
4. Poor Thia Megia
5. Poor Pia Toscano
6. Poor Paul McDonald
7. Poor Stefano Langone
8. Poor (and bearded) Casey Abrams
9. Poor Jacob Lusk
10. Poor James Durbin

J. Lo Booty Alert
J. Lo showed off dem hips, but didn’t flash the badonk.

Tonight, the contestants get to go back to their hometown and I noticed that because of that, it’s a two hour show. I’m going to power through the hometown packages so that I keep my sanity.

They will each sing three times. Round one will be contestant’s choice, round two is Jimmy Iovine’s pick, and round three is the judges’ pick.

Beyonce is helping mentor the contestants tonight. If Fox really wanted ratings, they’d have J. Lo and Beyonce have a battle of the badonks. I’d watch it for more than just two hours.

Scotty McCreery is up first with his favorite song by Lonestar, Amazed. I wasn’t so amazed with Scotty. It was rather bland and even the usually pro Scotty crowd didn’t get into it until really late. Steven says Scotty gets better and better. J. Lo says he’s grown so much as a performer. Randall says he’s picking smart things and knows his lane.

slaubr says:

Thanks for choosing Amazed, Scotty. Hope now America sees his ‘real’ talent & quit voting for him. #Idol10

Lauren Alaina is next with Wild One by Faith Hill. This show is becoming Nashville Star. Beyonce basically told Lauren to become Sasha Fierce on stage. This is such a fun Idol song. I’m not sure who is dressing Lauren, but baby girl needs to be dressed better if she’s going to win this thing. The song was almost too fast for her though. She was cutting off words to get to the next line. I still thought it was better than Scotty’s performance. J. Lo says she needs to attack it every time like that. Randall says when she lets herself go, she’s at her best. Steven says she’s so ready for this.

greenmelinda says:

Lauren Alaina is aiming for a backwoods Sailor Moon look, isn’t she? #americanidol

It’s now Haley Reinhart’s turn. She’s singing Led Zeppelin’s What Is and What Should Never Be. She wants her dad to play on stage with her. This girl. She paces the stage like she owns the joint. Her performance didn’t need to be perfect and it wasn’t, and she bailed trying to run up the stairs in heels, but she stayed with it and probably won the round, just based on difficulty alone. And yes, pops was with her. Randall says she’s fearless. Steven says it’s not about how many times you fall, it’s how many times you get back up. Steven is a regular Floyd Patterson now. J. Lo says it was a good round for her.

phreddd says:

Saw the stumble coming, but she worked through it! It’s not as if the other two were even gonna ATTEMPT Led Zep! #idol #idol10 #americanidol

Scotty’s back for Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not by Thomson Square. This was much better conventional Scotty, though a bit safer, considering he’s coming after Haley. But this was a much more likable performance than the one prior. Steven says he was living the chorus. J. Lo says he’s in a zone. Randall says he was Garth Brooks-like.

mrbjorke says:

Wow! Thompson Square “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” by Scotty? He sounds a lot better here but @ThompsonSquare is still better #idol10

Lauren’s second song is If I Die Young. Wow, I thought it was one of her better performances of the season. That might be worth buying. Though, I did notice a little bit of backlash in Twitterland as you’ll read in the tweet below. J. Lo says Lauren has the most beautiful tone out of the finalists. Randall says she was in it to win it and then lost his thought. Steven says she nailed it again.

pennySBDelia says:

Yeahh Lauren!! She’s singing our song @RockStarHoney03 she’s singing the band perry “if i die young” she sounds amazing!!

TaraAshley says:

Lauren does not get “If I Die Young.” At all.

Haley is last again. She’s singing Rhiannon. They busted out the wind machine for her and everything. I think this song was way too adult for her and the cheesy stage gimmicks actually hurt it more than anything else. Randall says her tone was perfect. Steven says the song reminded him of when he fell in love with Stevie Nicks the first time. J. Lo says it was a beautiful, etherial moment.

ashleyarrison says:

If you don’t think Haley owns, don’t tell me. I might judge you. Rhiannon killed. 🙂

I think Lauren won round two. It’s up to Scotty to make it all even!

Beyonce premiered the video to her new song and I’d be lying if I said I thought the song was any good.

The judges chose She Believes In Me by Kenny Rogers. Well, it will sure date him. It’s not necessarily the way he needs to end the night. It’s a pretty sleepy performance. At least the judges can’t blame him for song choice. Steven says he put it over the top for him. J. Lo says she’s so proud of him. Randall says it was very nicely done.

mrbjorke says:


For her third song, Lauren’s singing I Hope You Dance. This is the second judges’ choice that I didn’t like. Hopefully they do better with Haley’s choice. Lauren needed to do something a bit more uptempo here and less prom queeny, which is how she’s dressed. J. Lo says it was beautiful and already gave her the round before it was Haley’s turn. I’d be pissed. Randall says she slayed it. Steven says she owned the stage.

elliehempleman says:

lauren alaina. my #idol10 pick. her tone is insaaaane.

And finally, after this marathon of a show, it’s Haley’s last song. She’s singing You Oughta Know. I wish they would’ve chosen a hard closer for Lauren like this. This song might be harder for Haley than the Zeppelin song was. How did Alanis breathe while singing this? It wasn’t all that good, but it was the right energy. This is how you grow fans; with super energetic, highly charismatic performances. The girl may win this entire thing. Randall says the choruses were amazing. Steven says the choruses were perfect. J. Lo says the middle was a little rough, but the stronger parts were in the choruses.

greenmelinda says:

Haley Reinhart was the only contestant to sing 3 different songs. Oh. And put the 2 contestants w/cool parents in the finale. Just because.

The girls deserve to go to the finals, but with Scotty as the last dude left, I can’t see the teenage girls allowing him to be voted off. Also, I hate to say this since Lauren was my pick from day one to win it (not my favorite though), but how can Haley go home after her performances? The singing wasn’t perfect, but that girl has charisma for days.

Photo of Beyonce has been released into the public domain by its author, I, Jen Keys. This applies worldwide.

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