Any announcement of new music from Kenna is a cause for celebration. End of story.

Land 2 Air Chronicles I was originally slated to come out in March but  I’ll take late Kenna over no Kenna any day. He’s a musical genius plain and simple. Listening to Kenna puts a smile on my face.

Land 2 Air Chronicles I came out this week and it’s the first of 3 EP’s which will serve as a prelude for his 3rd full-length Songs For Flight. If I’m reading all of this right, none of the songs on the EP’s will be on Songs… and all will be released this year.

“Chains” was released in February and is a hypnotic dance jam from another galaxy. Swirling electro with the percussion droning into your brain while Kenna’s sweet vocals float on top. Land 2 Air indeed.

The full EP adds “Kharma Is Coming” and “What U Want”.  Lupe Fiasco fans take note because you may recognize a slightly different version of “What U Want” on Fiasco’s most recent album, Lasers. I’m partial to the Kenna version myself.

Head over to www.Kenna.com to preview the EP and then either buy it from the site or head over to Itunes to get your copy today. You won’t be sorry.


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