When you’ve covered someone as much as we’ve covered Kenna, the trick then becomes “what the hell else can we say about this guy?”. Hella underrated, incredibly dope, and feeding us with new music this year for the first time in four years. His work has brought out the best in the Neptunes’ production, and his latest EP, Land 2 Air Chronicles 1, is the hotness (and it’s only three bucks on iTunes-you have NO excuse).

The first video from the project has surfaced, for the single “Chains”. The single is credited to Kenna featuring Shimmy Hoffa (that being the really unfortunate pseudonym of Neptune Chad Hugo), and the video is…while certainly enjoyable to watch, to me, I’d be just as happy to listen to the song without the visuals. It’s pretty standard as far as videos go, with a nice little curveball thrown at the end. Nevertheless, if you haven’t checked out Kenna yet, definitely watch the video and get familiar!

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