So, what’s happened since the release of Narrow Stairs, the last Death Cab for Cutie album/ Well, lead singer Ben Gibbard got married to Zooey Deschanel and created the perfect indie-rock couple. Ben also recently ran a marathon, a feat I take my cap off to seeing as I can’t walk more than 5 blocks without being out of breath. We didn’t get a new Postal Service album, much to my chagrin. They did contribute a song to one of the “Twilight” movies, however.

Anyhow, following up on the #1 success of Narrow Stairs, Death Cab is returning on May 31st (a date that is shaping up to be a MASSIVE release date) with a new album entitled Codes and Keys. While rumors (and the Death Cab Wikipedia page) purport the album to be a synth-heavy departure from their previous work, first single “You Are a Tourist” sounds…pretty much like Death Cab normally does. With maybe a little of the anthemic U2/Coldplay sound mixed in. Hell, at least it’s not 8 minutes long like the first single from their last album was, right?

DEATH CAB for CUTIE – You Are A Tourist [Album Version] by ATL REC.

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