Too much good metal in 2011! Brain can’t take it. In Tides And Drifts came out of left field for me. I had heard some hype on Goes Cube’s debut full-length, Another Day Has Passed, in 2009 but I never got into them and then In Tides And Drifts crossed my path.

It’s a must own for EVERY metal fan this year.

Take the diversity of Converge songs  like “Grim Heart/Black Rose”, “Cruel Bloom”, and “Wretched World”; mix them with the musical complexities of Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan and you should have an idea of the Goes Cube sound.

Other places they sound like the bastard child of Aaron Turner and King Buzzo (“The Homes Of”) and sometimes like this obscure band called rust (“The Ban Has Been Lifted”). In other words, they’re diverse.

Goes Cube deliver on all fronts with In Tides And Drifts.

Angst-fueled cries of pain (The one-two punch of “Safety Coffin” with “Thunderheads”), schizophrenic  aural mayhem (The frenetic “Gray And Winter”), and lush soundscapes (“In Tides And Drifts”) are also pieces that make up the whole of this Brooklyn 3-pieces’ sound.

If you buy only one metal album this year, let it please be Goes Cube’s In Tides And Drifts. Available on March 29th everywhere. Get yours here and here now.

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