One reason I dislike “Glee” is because I feel as though it helps promote not-entirely-helpful stereotypes, most notably with the sassy overweight black girl character and the unnecessarily queeny gay kid. The preponderance of those types of characters in the media leads to expectations that every sista is gonna be a neck-snappin’ shoulder-swivelin’ loud type, and that every gay guy is gonna be an effeminate, shoulder bag-toting wimp. Simply not so, folks.

Of course, in truly hypocritical fashion, the only reason I really watched “Glee” (aside from the fact that I figured I had to be missing something if everyone else liked it) was because Matthew Morrison is quite simply one of the most attractive men that has ever set foot inside my television set. It’s very strange, because while I’m not necessarily turned on by the guy, he is an incredibly beautiful specimen. But I digress.

What many people don’t know is that before he got his big break on Broadway, Morrison was a boy bander. He was an original member of the group LMNT (who had its including…oh wait, they didn’t have any hits) before being replaced prior to the release of their first album. So, even before “Glee”-hell, before Broadway, Morrison had singing in his veins.

Of course, with the success of “Glee”, it’s only natural that Morrison would be offered a record contract. The self-titled effort arrives in May. First single “Summer Rain” (which you’ll hear a bit of in the clip below) is already getting some radio love, and the album is rumored to contain duets with Elton John as well as recent recording contract signee Gwyneth Paltrow. I definitely see a Buble thing happening with this guy. As part of the “Glee” cast, he’s already broken records for the most entries on the Hot 100. Wonder what he can do by his lonesome.

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